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The Annual National St David's Day Parade, Cardiff
Join Us! Dewch gyda Ni!

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How can I get involved or help?

Be part of the Parade: If you're part of a group, your group could enter a float, carry a banner, a national flag (Ddraig Goch, Dewi Sant, regional flag or or a flag of the Princes). If you have a musical instrument or are part of a band - youıll be most welcome, or simply join the Parade as an individual but please make sure you dress up - national dress, historical dress, the cilt - itıs up to you.

New route for 2008

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Practical assistance: The Parade is run entirely by volunteers. Any skill, talent or help you may be able to give us would be greatly appreciated. Please email us on info@stdavidsday.org

Financial Support - The Parade Committee is striving to secure sponsorship and financial support for this year, and beyond. You can donate using PayPal or by sponsoring yourself or business for as little as £1.
Help with fundraising is welcomed. Forms for donating via your bank are available for download - click on the pdf image below.

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Remember: ALL ARE WELCOME - if you live in Wales, from whatever background, you are welcome on the Parade. Even if youıre just visiting Cardiff for the day - become Welsh for the day! Join us in a joyous celebration of our identity and heritage.

"Os y chi'n caru Cymru, dylech chi fod yna!"
"If you love Wales, you should be there!"

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Links strengthened between Wales and Brittany

Rhodri Morgan & Jean-Yves Le DrianGovernments of Wales and Brittany sign 'Memorandum of Understanding'
A special agreement between the governments of Wales and Brittany was signed by Welsh First Minister Rhodri Morgan and Breton President Jean-Yves Le Drian. The Memorandum of Understanding is an agreement between Wales and Brittany which encourages co-operation in a range of areas including business, tourism and education.


View pictures of the parade ... CLICK HERE

Last year, as it does this this year, March 1st fell on a normal working day, which made the turnout all the more remarkable. The City Centre of Wales's capital came to a standstill. The crowds cheered. Office workers applauded from windows. Everyone smiled. For the third time Wales had come to her capital city to celebrate her national day, and the city rose to the occasion. This was a spontaneous event with no official financial support, backed by no slick advertising campaigns, just a simple and dignified celebration organised within two short months by a group of enthusiasts.

We hope it will 'grow and grow into a fully-fledged national festival of which the Welsh people - the world over - can be proud.' Here you can see and judge for yourself the size and significance of the St David's Day Parade.

See you there this year and next year!


'Llongyfarchiadau. I was delighted to see on US television that the March 1st Parade in Cardiff was such a success. Next year it must be larger, and hopefully there will be marches in one or two other places. At last Wales has its own parade. 'Twas indeed time!'
Dr Arturo Roberts,
Publisher, NINNAU, The North American Welsh Newspaper and Founder of Anrhydedd Cymry'r Cyfanfyd - The Worldwide Welsh Award.

'Congratulations on your parade! Congratulations on being the ones who made it happen! For a couple of years the Scots have organised a parade here. On the first occasion they were only allowed to march on the sidewalk but last year there was a larger parade and it can only grow. It shows what can be done with initiative and action. Well done Wales - and Cardiff - for celebrating so proudly - the world will be watching in the future. Continued success to you.'
Catherine Nemeth Frumerman
New York

'Many congratulations on the brilliant organisation of the St. David's Day Parade! I must admit to feeling deeply humbled by the restrained dignity of the occasion - magnificently done! Let's make sure this becomes an annual march - and replicated in other towns and cities too!'
Dr. Dai Lloyd
, AM Chair - Plaid Cymru Assembly Group

' What a wonderful day marching in spring sunshine through our capital city on our national day, saying to the whole world that we are Welsh and proud of it. Now we've started, let's make sure this event sends the message down the ages - and to the whole world - that we are still here, staying here - still Welsh and proud of it!'
Ron Davies
Cymru Ymlaen/Forward Wales

'Congratulations to you for bringing the event together. Not only was the weather excellent, but the spirit on the march and along the streets as we walked through Cardiff was superb. I was very proud and privileged to be part of the first march and look forward to future such occasions. I am sure that the march will go from strength to strength and there will certainly be more Welsh Conservatives on the march next year.'
Nicholas Bourne AM Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the National Assembly

'My congratulations to all those involved in the organisation of the St David's Day Parade. It was well planned and thoroughly good fun to take part in. Please do it again next year. - Llongyfarchiadau i bawb fu'n ynghlwm a'r Orymdaith Gwyl Dewi. Roedd y trefniadau yn dda a gawsom hwyl fawr yn cymryd rhan. Rwy'n edrych ymlaen am orymdaith blwyddyn nesa ym mharod.'
Jenny Randerson AM
Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for Cardiff Central

'A wonderful occasion and an important statement of nationhood and national pride. Let's make it an annual event which will grow in stature and numbers from year to year. Those of us who marched had a great day in the sunshine and we are already looking forward to next year. Thanks to all those who worked hard to organise it.'
Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM
Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly

'Well done for organising the Parade. Parliament was in session on the day so sadly I couldn't be there.' Paul Flynn MP 'Long overdue. Needed to unite the country emotionally and help bring together area diversity and interests. I love hearing about these things in the land of my fathers, even though I am far away in the Mid-West of the USA.'
Paul Williams [by email]

'I saw the Parade on the Welsh news yesterday and was so impressed! Unfortunately I didn't know about it otherwise I would have been there. This has been needed for a long time since there has been a dearth of 'Welsh things' in our country and especially in Cardiff. I was brought up to delight in St David's Day in school but for most people that's all there ever is. Please do it again next year and more will join you.'
Maureen Ireland Cardiff

'I was immensely proud - and, I won't deny it, tearful, especially when such a diverse cross-section of Welsh society stood as one in celebration of our patron saint and our heritage in the centre of our superb capital city. Music, colour, pageantry - it was exactly what it should be - an inclusive celebration of what we are and love. Bigger next year I hope.'
Reverend Idwal Lloyd Price Henllan

'Syniad hyfryd - ond dwi ddim yn gallu dod achos dw'n arddysgu. Hoffwn i 'down tools' ond efallai syniad well i gael y Parade dros y penwythnos neu dros amser te, y tro nesaf?'
Noelle [by email]

'Ardderchog! What a wonderful occasion. I work abroad - in the oil industry - but had to make the journey home to join the Parade. I wouldn't have missed that first event for the world. There's hope for Wales yet!'
Eifion Thomas London and Abu Dhabi

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The Annual National St David's Day Parade, Cardiff

Join Us! Dewch gyda Ni!
Forms for donating via your bank are available for download - click on the images below.

Bilingual version

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