St David's Day Parade

NEWS! The Pembrokeshire Banner is launched with acclaim at the Senedd.

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Pre-Parade Timetable for St David’s Day Parade.

12:00am.  One person  from each group/band to meet with Rob Corp, Dave Petersen. and stewards on the steps of the National Museum.

12:15am.  Lil Big Band to start playing on the left hand side of Nat Mus steps.
(electric point to be supplied by Mus; under Portico).

12:15am. Wonderbrass,& Samba Galez to play  to crowd around the City Hall

12:15am. Crowd assembles in front of Nat Mus, and is directed to their positions  in front of City Hall etc, by stewards

12:30am. Cor Cochion Caerdydd to sing  (Gweddu Dros Cymru – Lewis Valentine ) from the bandstand for 5mins.

12:35am. School children to sing “Cenwch y Clychau I Dewi. / Ring out the Bells for St David” from bandstand for 5mins.

12:40am. Lord Mayor’s Party to arrive on the bandstand.

12:45am. Dave Petersen  as MC,to welcome and say a few words on behalf of NSDDP committee and to introduce the Rt Hon the Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Councillor Kate Lloyd MBE, JP.

12;48am. Translation by Ms. Lewis.

12:50am. Welcome by the Lord Mayor.

12:55am Translation by Ms. Lewis.

12:58am. Blessing by the Rev. Hywel Davies.

1:00pm. The National Anthem. Led by Cor Cochion Caerdydd and Goodwick Brass Band.

1:05pm. Parade begins to walk.
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