St David's Day Parade

NEWS! Launch of the Pembrokeshire Banner is on Feb16 at the Senedd.

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The St.David's Day Parade PDF Print E-mail

 DATE: March 1st - Muster TIME: 12.45pm
Parade START: 1.0pm - Route

"Os y chi'n caru Cymru, dylech chi fod yna!" | "If you love Wales, you should be there!"

About the National Parade in Cardiff

NOW IN ITS 6th YEAR! - Its purpose is to honour Wales' patron saint David - Dewi Sant and to be an inclusive civilian celebration of Welshness for all who live in Wales from whatever background. It is an opportunity for those who live in Wales regardless of age, ethnic or social background and for those of Welsh descent (and those who quite simply want to be Welsh) to join a dignified and imaginative celebration of civilian Welsh heritage and culture.  It is a grand celebration of what it means to be Welsh.
Our aim is to transform the national and international perception of St David's Day as a Welsh national day - just as the Irish have done so successfully on St Patrick's Day all over the world - and make the occasion an unashamed and proud celebration of Welshness brimming with enthusiasm, creative energy, new ideas and new perceptions, to make Wales's national day a happy and unforgettable experience for all taking part.
We want to create energy, enthusiasm and innovation at home and to raise the profile of Wales in the world, projecting a positive image of Wales internationally as an outward-looking, mature and self-confident nation, opening up marketing opportunities and activities in the wider world.
We want to develop the event into an annual festival as a showpiece for Welsh arts and culture and at the same time provide an outstanding springtime programme of entertainment for all to enjoy throughout the city and throughout Wales

We need your help to make sure that the St David's Day parade is a CONTINUING SUCCESS.
For centuries the first of March has been a national festival. St David was recognized as a national patron saint a very long time ago, at the height of Welsh resistance to the Normans. In our time, on this one day, everyone and anyone with a connection to Wales remembers their Welsh origins and connections.

In 2003 in the United States, St David's Day was recognized officially as the national day of the Welsh, and on 1st March the Empire State Building was floodlit in the national colours, red, green and white. It is invariably celebrated by Welsh societies throughout the world with dinners, parties, recitals and concerts. On this day many people wear (where they can find them!) a daffodil, traditionally Wales's national flower.

St David's Day unites Welsh people from Patagonia to Siberia in a celebration of their shared identity.