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When? Where? and What?
The first ever parade will be on a Monday. It is widely felt that, despite the obvious objections ('First day of the working week'; 'Why not make it on a weekend?'; 'Disruption of traffic' etc), the parade should take place on the actual day. Why indeed should there be a compromise on this, the actual saint's day, when three quarters of a million English Rugby fans turned out in a winter's dawn in London - and on a Monday morning - to celebrate their World Cup victory?

The fact that Monday 1st March 2004 is a normal working day may well limit the potential number of participants, but we feel that the march - especially on the very first occasion - should take place on the actual day. Many companies in Wales already give their employees the day off on St David's Day, and this may well encourage others to do so, thus making it a de facto national holiday - despite the obduracy of our rulers in Westminster and the puny efforts of our National Assembly.The parade will leave the Assembly Area in Sophia Gardens at 2.00pm on Monday 1st March 2004. The route will pass along Cathedral Road, turn left over the bridge, past Cardiff Castle, follow the road round towards the Civic Centre, turn right past City Hall, and finish in the area in front of the City Hall and the National Museum. Marching time: approximately 25 minutes.

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